3 Ways to a Fragrance and Toxin-Free Home

There is so much buzz around non-toxic and all-natural living, but how do you really align your life around that wellness path?  Are you looking for quick and easy tips to toxin and fragrance-free living?  Let’s talk through some favorites of mine and learn why it’s so crucial to know the source of the ingredients you use in daily products.


... of the products in your home

So often it’s easy to make purchasing decisions from brand recognition or out of habit. Heck, maybe it’s even a brand that your parents before you purchased and it’s all that you know! But when was the last time that you flipped over that box or bottle and read the individual ingredients it’s comprised of? Depending on the product, are the details even listed?

The easiest one to spot that should bring you concern is that sneaky little word fragrance. As you may know, in the US, product manufacturers are allowed to include any ingredient they want behind that one word as a part of their trade secrets. So, they have complete anonymity and protection, and you have no idea what that might be hiding. Yikes!

The Environmental Working Group (EWG), a consumer advocacy group goes so far as to rate that single ingredient fragrance an eight[1] out of ten for concern of cancer, developments, and reproductive toxicity and allergies and immunotoxicity. No thanks! Keep reading for a simple recipe for fragrance-free you’ll love.

[1] https://www.ewg.org/skindeep/ingredients/702512-FRAGRANCE


It can be so simple!   

There may be a product lingering in your home that is more of a concern than you might realize. This innocent-looking little product could contain harmful chemicals that are venting into the air, rubbing off on your skin, lingering in your clothes, and other household items. Any guesses? Did you guess dryer sheets?

This is probably one of the simplest switches to make to ditch the yuck and embrace healthier options for you and the environment, all while saving some dough! How? Check out organic wool dryer balls.

With these guys, you are making an awesome earth-friendly choice and can kick both your fabric softener and dryer sheets to the curb. Using dryer balls will help your laundry dry more quickly saving you both time and money on your power bill -- estimates range between 30-40% less drying time per load when using multiple dryer balls. Save even more money never having to re-buy those other products again. And most importantly, you are reducing your family’s chemical exposure through their clothes, sheets, towels, cloth diapers, etc.

We love that they are re-usable and never expire (though they may try to roll away when you unload the dryer, keep an eye out). In addition to organic wool, we also like the XL dryer ball size to make sure they get lost less often. You can find quality dryer balls at your local farmers’ market or artisan events.  Otherwise, 
these are my favorites!

We have up to six in every load to quietly bounce around and help remove all the static. One note for a new dryer ball convert, over-drying will also cause static, so monitor your drying time and reduce the heat setting since you won’t need those higher temps like you once did with this awesome laundry hack!


Do it Yourself

One way to ensure you know exactly what is in the products that you are using in your home every day is to make them yourself. And you may be surprised to find out just how easy that can be!

Here is a super simple recipe that you can use to make a DIY air freshener or room spray. What you will need is a 
2 oz glass spray bottle (dark in color if possible), water, and high-quality essential oils. Some great oils for this are LemonThieves, or Purification.

Add between 7-12 drops to your preferred essential oil to the empty bottle, gently fill the remainder with water being sure to leave enough space for the spray top. Add a fun label and voila! Shake gently to mix before each use.

Remember how I mentioned that most products are full of fragrance and therefore toxic to your health? 

Well, it's important to know that not all products that are in the stores and say non-toxic or natural are safe -- you just can't go to a retailer and trust that you are getting the good stuff.  

Lucky for you, I've got a source I trust -- and they've got all the products I need to ditch and switch and have a toxin-free home.  Want to know more?  Get in touch!


Beyond the annoyance of having to do it all of the time, is your laundry actually slowly killing you? Learn what you need to know to stop what could be one of the most toxic things in your home.  And while we are at it, I will share some simple tips to save money and make laundry easier. Umm, yes please!

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