~ Complete Hydration Challenge ~
Would you benefit from a water and hydration challenge in your lead or member group? 
You will love this simple and fun event package!
Everything you need is included in immediate download.
Marketing and promotional ideas and images, a full five days of copy and images (prep day, three-day challenge, and optional wrap-up days, and give-away ideas).  
You can customize and adapt to your brand or just use it as is, it's ready to go.
Follow the simple instructions for ideas, how-tos, and prompts to customize as desired!
Challenge Downloads Includes:
  • Testimonials from hydration challenge participants
  • Marketing and promotional prompts for the challenge
  • Group growth ideas to invite people to the challenge including sample posts and fun graphics
  • A step by step guide to plan and schedule your challenge from start to finish 
  • Images and post copy to use on any social media platform
  • Static posts and live video script prompts for increased challenge engagement
    • Twice daily check-ins
    • Daily live video teaching topics
    • Six total days of content, up to five teaching topics daily during the challenge 
    • Additional giveaway and engagement ideas
  • A downloadable and printable daily journal for participants
  • Perfect lead-in for a future larger product-driven challenge for members only
Additional Option for Built Out Vault in GetOiling:
  • Challenge pre-built in GetOiling vault that you can import and customize. COMING SOON
  • NOTE: There are vault limitations based on your Get Oiling membership level so be sure that you have an available vault to use for this option.
  • GetOiling resource bundle import of both a Landing Page and challenge group opt-in email Campaign to use for challenge!
    • Automatically capture your leads' contact information into GetOiling to begin your follow-up for the challenge and beyond.
$20 USD Content Download and GetOiling Landing Page Only

$25 USD Content Download, Landing Page, and GetOiling Vault