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The book Finding Strength in Unexpected Pregnancy shares the stories that are not often spoken about. As you read each struggle, triumph,  and raw experience, you will feel a sense of community with the authors. The book offers words of encouragement and advice from women who have walked a similar path.

Real life experience, real life change, real life stories from...
- Teen and Young Adult Unexpected Pregnancy
- Adoption 
- Pregnancy Loss
- Childbirth Options
- Pregnancy Support Center

 I was trying to hide the judgement and shame. I felt less than, broken, and my image had changed. I had to learn that my value was not contingent on what other people thought of me. I had value no matter what my life looked like, no matter what people said to me, no matter how alone I felt. It took me years to heal the wounds that were created during that time. The authors in this book have joined together to share their stories, encouragement and advice so that you don't have to wait years. Healing starts now.