What is your dream? A Labor Day reflection

What is your dream?  A Labor Day reflection

It's Labor Day again and I'm taken back to words which I shared two years prior, a reflection on this holiday in my home country of America.

Today I reflect on a question that I asked on my LinkedIn page two years ago (are you on that platform as well, of so, let's connect).  Both days adventuring on the Oregon Coast with friends.  Granted, I have chosen to shift gears on my health which as afforded me to release 40 lbs in the last 75 days.  So this round I'm feeling even better and eating a spicy tofu veggie bowl now instead of Taco Bell, but otherwise still living my dream as a successful traveling entrepreneur and able to work from anywhere I choose.

What is Your Dream?

As I reflect today on what Labor Day started as, I wonder how many Americans can still relate to the cause that dated back to the first 'holiday' in 1892?: 'Worker feeling like they were spending too many hours and days on the job.'  Dating back even to the 1830's, people were averaging 70-hour weeks in manufacturing jobs.  That sounds rough!

How many of us still feel stuck in a similar rat-race (definition: an endless, self-defeating, or pointless pursuit) today?  So many are working hard, multiple jobs or long hours and too often, just to make ends meet.  They may not even be getting themselves ahead as a result.  Or you may have been like me, and worked those 60, 70, 80 hour work weeks and made great money, but at what cost?  Sacrifice of family, time, and health?

Let me cut to my point.  I recently reached a milestone that I think is significant to my family, and might be to yours as well.  Would $1,000 extra a month consistently help ease the financial strain you might be feeling?  Would that amount of money make a difference or take some of the pressure off?  Would it allow you to make different choices?

How can people gain that without making the above scenario of trading dollars for hours worse? Let talk about how I chose to create it:
For the last four years I have been building a residual income with Young Living.  For the most part it's been part-time, using what free time I had after working my "rat-race job," but other times I was able to dedicate myself to it in a full-time capacity.  And now that I have invested in growing and nurturing it and because of its residual nature, I will continue to receive an income from it even if I choose not to work tomorrow.  Each month, I will receive that same blessing to support my families finances.  
Because I am passionate about the work I do to enrich the lives of others around me I will continue this work tomorrow.  When you find your calling, you love what you do and are excited to dig into it on Monday morning and any other day.  And now I have adding additional, complimentary businesses and income streams that all reflect my passion and values.  That is what drives me, and as a result, I am living out my dream.  If you are new to my page, check out my life Mission Statement here and you will see that I want that for you as well: 
"I believe in myself and I believe in others.

As I rise, they rise, because I refuse to rise alone."
So the photo here is a snapshot of what companies like Taco Bell are offering:

"Dreams do come true" it says.  Is that maybe not the dream come true you were imagining?  Me neither. The link here is what is possible as an entrepreneur running your own business and not working for someone else's dream.  And what if that was one of 10, 20, or more income streams that you leveraged that all complimented whatever you are passionate about?

Oh, and as an entrepreneur you can also get all those things listed in the photo and probably about a million more including freedom like you've likely never experienced before as you pursue your true passion.  So before your subconscious utters the phrase 'I could never do that', let's talk and bust through that limiting belief and negative self-talk.  I've done it and I can teach, guide and support you to do the same.

This isn't the first time I have written about the blessings of residual income streams.  Back in March we chatted about this on Facebook together when one of the businesses I partnered with saw a 7,000% increase in demand during the spring; check that post out here.  Let's connect as friends there while you are visiting!

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