My Switch to Team Autumn

My Switch to Team Autumn

I didn't think it would ever happen, but I find myself considering joining Team Autumn...   
As a huge fan of summer and the celebration of birth-month across all of July, I didn't see this change coming, but here I am!

Summers in the PNW

Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, the reward for surviving the rainy, wet winter and spring was a glorious summer!  

Or maybe just a drive to the coast to put your feet in the cold water and enjoy the sea breeze.

So, what changed, other than my seasonal alliance?


After living in many different areas, all around the United States, we finally settled in Missouri.  From many years of travel, it was one of the only states I hadn't visited until after we decided to move and I snuck in a quick visit prior.  

Our move was such a change in our life, that I co-authored a moving book telling our story!

So what does living and homesteading in a humid mid-western state cause?

Team Autumn

Well, it's causing me to change sides in the argument about the greatest season of all.  I now find myself celebrating the coming of September and cheering for the lull in the temperatures and humidity.  It will be our secret that I am still team summer, even if it's the 'Second Summer' that apparently comes in Missouri's 12 seasons:
Since Autumn is the more bouji name for fall, we will say that is where I am switching over to now that I am a midwesterner.

What is your favorite season and why?

Information courtesy of Echo Alexzander