A Subaru Off-Road Race, a Zip-Lock, and a New Solution for Veterans and Beyond

A Subaru Off-Road Race, a Zip-Lock, and a New Solution for Veterans and Beyond

I am honored to get to, with my friend Ryan Stanton, tell the origin story of BattleBox.  It's not every day that I get to come together with fellow entrepreneurs to invent solutions to support men and women through their trauma reintegration journey.

I was supporting two friends, Ryan and Stephen with essential oil education and helping them to try different blends.  Wanting to make sure it arrived intact, I had delivered a small glass vial to Ryan in a snack-sized Ziplock bag so he could try it out over the weekend.  Come to find out, he was heading out with Stephen on an off-road race that weekend.  As they departed together, Ryan opened the glove compartment to throw the baggie in there and Stephen quickly questioned what the heck was in the bag.  He explained, and Stephen said that they needed a better solution for such precious cargo.  So the journey to create an indestructible new carrying solution began.

BattleBox Was Born...

We invite you to join us in hearing the full story of BattleBox and the precious 'Calming Blend' it carried.  Check it out and learn about how and why they created 
, how to support Combat/Citizen Trauma and Reintegration Podcast, and have a few laughs with us along the way!  Click 
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Thank you to Ryan for your incredible work with the Combat/Citizen Trauma and Reintegration Podcast and to Andy Imhof for making the magic happen with Thomas Creek Digital Media.  Check out Andy's other productions here.

Information courtesy of Echo Alexzander