God, You have never failed

Have you ever just been so taken up in a praise and worship song you had to rock it out on repeat?   
Go out and enjoy this one immediately!  Take a moment with me to just cover yourself in the unending list of promises that He has made to us.  I seriously can't stop listening to it! #GodIsGood #AllTheTime  

Man of Your Word

When I say I have been listening to this cranked up and on repeat in my office for weeks, I mean it!  This is my evening work session jam to write, create content, and just be in the the great adventure along with my Creator.

YouTube - Official Music Video

Pandora - Radio Edit

What praise and worship song can you just rock out to on repeat?  Comment and tell me below!

Information courtesy of Echo Alexzander

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  1. Could not agree more on worship changing the complete arrangement of your work day or just all in all mood of the day. I was dragging through my workouts and work days and not feeling so much more energized spending my mornings working out to worship music. Great to see you in action doing things you love Echo.

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