Sustainable Living - Part 2

I shouldn't admit how excited I am for this plant-based cleaner.  Ya'll I could be it's hype-woman!    
No gatekeeping, this is my top recommendation for every home and office on the entire plant to have stocked.  It works on #AllTheThings and you won't turn back once you have it.

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Why Are You So Excited About a Cleaner?

Simplicity in the very finest form.  The price, the effectiveness, and the versatility.  We have replaced all of the other cleaning products in our kitchen, bathrooms, office, etc. with this.  We make up our spray bottles that are a mix of Thieves Household Cleaner concentrate and water.  #Done

Think about what you are buying at the store, how much of that bottle is just water?  In our case, in a full-size 30-ounce spray bottle, about 29 ounces is water.  You need just 1 ounce of this plant-based concentrate, that's it!

So what do you need for this magic to come to your house?

As Easy as 1, 2, and 3!

Thieves Household Cleaner (this is a concentrate) is the star of the show at a ~30:1 ratio for all-purpose general cleaning.  Even though the bottle shows other ratios for degreasing and glass, I honestly use the same concentration on all my surfaces and I will give you my pro tips in the download at the end!  

P.S. I do recommend grabbing a membership and starting with something like the Thieves products to start to have a lifetime discount and take advantage of the best prices and rewards.  We can chat about how to do that!

Spray Bottles!  It's so simple and you can grab these bottles for about $1 at your local Dollar Tree or Walmart, or on Amazon if need be.  In the perfect world, you would use dark glass bottles that are about 16 ounces in size, but I know that isn't always practical with pets, kids, etc.  #RealLife  So we will just keep these spray bottles out of the direct sunlight, so under a cabinet is fine!

Water, labels, tape, and some measuring devices will take you across the finish line.  Once you have some spray bottles labeled and covered to make them waterproof, then you can refill them a million more times and never need to buy anything more.  #Sustainable  Every few years I buy new ones after I give mine away to people, haha

As promised, let's get you the download with all the goodies!

Get Started Today!

Here is a recipe, use ideas, and even the handy spray bottle labels for your downloading pleasure!  #Boom 

Are you an avid DIY person or just getting started?  Comment and tell me below!

Information courtesy of Echo Alexzander


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