Texas Adventures - Part 3 Out of Hill Country and on to Austin!

Texas Adventures - Part 3 Out of Hill Country and on to Austin!

So much summer fun (and heat, haha) in the famous Texas Hill Country! Here we go into the third and final day of my weekend adventure.
Taking a stroll through a beautiful wildflower center, the historic Driskill hotel, and of course more food. #obviously

Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center

This wonderful botanical garden just southwest of Austin was lovely for a morning adventure. Reservations and advanced ticket purchases are required, get all of the details here.  This was so fun using the TravelStorys app to enjoy a walking tour and learn far more than was available on the educational signs.  Especially with voice recordings from Lady Bird herself, it was quite a treat!  

"The University of Texas at Austin Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center is the Botanic Garden of Texas. The Center promotes its mission to inspire the conservation of native plants through its internationally recognized sustainable gardens, education and outreach programs, research projects, and consulting work." 
I love what they said along the tour about the plants that make a place. "Lady Bird Johnson famously said, 'Wherever I go in America, I like it when the land speaks its own language in its own regional accent.'  What she was referring to is called a 'sense of place.'  It's intrinsic, something we just feel based on a broad combination of factors -- and native plants are a big contributor."  Isn't that a cool way to think about the places we travel to?

And now, here are my tour highlights from that Monday morning!

Welcome!  Wait, what?!? Rattlesnakes?  And now I am awake at a whole new level.  Who needs coffee? 

This place was filled with both natural beauty and such distinct stonework buildings.

The cool spray from the waterfalls was a welcome reprieve in the shade as I wandered the grounds.

I think I have seen a lizard in most every wildflower sanctuary I have visited, even in North Carolina!

Adventures are always made better when there are butterflies nearby, wouldn't you agree?  These aren't Monarchs, do you recognize what they are?

I could keep going with pages more of bees, flowers, and beauty, but the adventure must continue!  

Downtown Austin

It's time to hit the big city and take in the history, skyscrapers, and more!  I had my heart set on some Franklin BBQ only to find out they were closed on Mondays. #NowWeKnow  I guess I will just have to make another visit in the future.  I found all kinds of great views downtown and on the way to the airport even stopped at a park to enjoy lunch and blow some bubbles.

Can I just say how rad it was to see this 3D view on the car GPS?  Of course, it didn't do this beautiful Driskill Hotel building justice, but it was pretty cool!

What historic downtown wouldn't be complete without an incredible church or two.  And I even got to see the Texas State Capital building.  Then onto lunch at Honest Mary's.

This Smoky Poblano Summer Bowl was worth writing home about, wow!  It makes me miss the veggie bowls we would get in San Francisco.

Is that the Texas state reptile right there?  He's a tough lookin' bugger!  My unicorn birthday ballon from co-workers even made the flight home with me.  

Well friends, I came, I saw, I bubbled the Mercedes.  Time to catch a flight home!  Will you fly with me off into the sunset above the clouds?  

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Information courtesy of Echo Alexzander