AI for Travel Adventurers

AI for Travel Adventurers
In my years of travel adventures, it took a lot of time and planning to discover all the best things to consider checking out on the next trip.   From food to sites, history, and one-of-a-kind, it used to take a lot of time to compile all the must-do things for a new place.

It's time to try AI as your travel adventure co-pilot!

Adventures of a Google Guide - Part 1 Getting Started

Adventures of a Google Guide - Part 1 Getting Started

How did we adventure before Google Maps? Haha  
Okay so that may have dated how old I am, but I have to say how very thankful I am for technology in the palm of my hand, and online resources for advanced trip planning.  Did you know that if you are an avid user of Google maps for your travels, you can become a Google Guide?

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How it began

I started with Google mostly through Gmail in college, back when you had to be invited by an existing user to get an account (yes, that was a thing).  That explains why early adventures like my trip to Puerto Rico didn’t make the star chart of my North America explorations featured in my cover photo.

Even James and my first cross-country road trip from Idaho to Washington, DC didn’t yet make the debut on my maps, though there were lots of adventures had!

What are my favorite ways to use Google Maps and other sites for adventure planning and execution? Keep reading for more.

Google Maps

One of my very favorite features to use after I research somewhere really cool to go, like a National Park, a restaurant, or a museum, is to mark it as one of my places within my Google Maps.  Once I have all of my places marked, I can better see them laid out and plan how I want to visit them all throughout my travels (and it helps because I am a visual learner).

What other travel adventure planning tips are my absolutes to find these gems?  I share them all here!

You can completely customize this to set up favorites, places you want to go, places you have been, and even create custom lists.  I've used this for instance when we moved to a new state and I planned out local businesses that we wanted to visit.

How it's going, I'm a Guide!

Now that I have been adventuring for over 20 years, I've built up quite the collection of sites and experiences.  So how can I share some of those with others?  Here on my page and blog of course, but also with the larger world thanks to being a Google Guide.

If you are already on your way as a Guide, check your progress and contributions here.

Local Guides Connect is a forum where you can get to know others in the Local Guides community. You can participate in discussions, get exclusive announcements, and ask any questions about Google Maps.

We all know social media has gone bonkers, so it's been a fun new platform to use to share stories and connect with other Local Guides from all around the world.

The Local Guides community on Google Maps has been rocking together for a full five years now.  If you are on there, 
find me!

I recently discovered that they give out prizes! What?! That is awesome.

You Know You Have Arrived When...

Yep, they send you free adventure socks! Did they know I am the Chief Adventure Officer?!?

Yes, my very own pair of Local Guides Special Edition Socks.  I mean, clearly they at least know that I am out adventuring often and might benefit from some cool new socks for my next journey.

And I do love cats (not as much as unicorns, but still a lot).  Unless you consider the cat unicorn lego, but that really isn't a fair comparison...

Stay tuned for Part 2 in the Google Guide Adventures series!  In the meantime, check out all of the other travel blogs here and find inspiration for your next adventure.

Do you have any special socks or other items that were earned and can't be purchased?  
Tell me what they are!

Information courtesy of Echo Alexzander

Texas Adventures - Part 3 Out of Hill Country and on to Austin!

Texas Adventures - Part 3 Out of Hill Country and on to Austin!

So much summer fun (and heat, haha) in the famous Texas Hill Country! Here we go into the third and final day of my weekend adventure.

Taking a stroll through a beautiful wildflower center, the historic Driskill hotel, and of course more food. #obviously


Texas Adventures - Part 2 Hill Country

Texas Adventures - Part 2 Hill Country
Here we go cowboys and cowgirls, south-central Texas, take 2 heading into the Hill Country... An adventure through caverns, a gristmill, Enchanted Rock, Texas' Oldest Dance Hall, a National Historic Park that is a working ranch, and more!

Texas Adventures - Part 1 Adventures in San Antonio

Texas Adventures - Part 1 Adventures in San Antonio
If you ever have the chance for an adventure through south-central Texas, here are my top picks to check out, indulge in, and learn about.  Part 1, all around San Antonio.  River walking, the Pearl, and of course the Alamo!
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