The Adventure to Adopt my First Essential Oil Tree

The Adventure to Adopt my First Essential Oil Tree

An essential oil tree?
Okay, so it is a tree that just so happens to be able to produce essential oil, and not just any essential oil!  But I think that should designate it as an essential oil tree...  I mean, that is practically a superpower, right? 

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The Call of the Northern Lights

It's been a long time bucket list dream to see the Northern Lights, and the chance finally came to chase that dream in the spring of 2020. It became a race! The health concerns of the time were threatening to close the borders between the USA where I live and Canada where the lights were dancing and calling my name.

We packed our bags and traveled to the Northern Lights Farm and Distillery in Fort Nelson, BC.  This farm was established on pristine wildland and was incredible to experience! The Black Spruce trees grow there under the incredible energy and force that we beautiful know as the Northern Lights.  As a result, it has tested with a higher frequency than any other Black Spruce oil, so it was aptly named the Northern Lights Black Spruce specifically by Young Living.

Read to the bottom for one of my favorite recipes with this incredible oil!  

My Baby Tree Adoption

We had a really unique opportunity during the week that we spent at the farm harvesting, distilling, and bottling our own bottles of essential oil (in case those things weren't magical enough).  We were allowed to adopt a baby Black Spruce and dedicate it to be grown in the next crop on this farm.

My Mom and I each picked out our own tree and then we burned our own special message into a tree round to send along with our tree.  I branded my tag and sent my love to this precious plant that will someday return to me in a beautiful little glass bottle beaming with frequency and wellness.

We did all of this in March and patiently waited until June for the soil to thaw and the land to be ready for the next phase for these trees...

Planting Day Dedication

The time came and we got to see our tree planted and dedicated!  We will now continue to get photo updates as it grows and until we come to visit again.  How fun, thanks to the Northern Lights farm team, they rock!  Now soak up all those Northern Lights little trees, we will visit soon 🌲💫💜

Do you know which essential oil blends use this special Northern Lights Black Spruce oil?  Here are some, they all branch out from this one amazing tree!  Christmas Spirit (of course), Abundance, Hope, Valor, Gathering, Highest Potential, Sacred Mountain, and Motivation.  Could you use any of those in your life?  Let's get you some!

It's time now to share my number one favorite recipe for this oil (outside of slathering myself in the amazing blends pictured above of course).


This one is so simple and it's my nightly go-to for the best smelling, relaxing, diffuser blend!  
In honor of our Canadian friends made on this adventure, why don't I also share a skincare secret with these two blends? Thanks to YL Canada for the recipe:

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