Fitness for #RealLife Series

I believe exercise and fitness should be a fun adventure!  
What are some of the ways that you love to stay healthy and fit?  Where do you most enjoy being active?  Let's explore it all in this blog series.

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Playing With Friends and Family

Who didn't love to play as a child?  I think we all did right?  How can we continue to play and enjoy physical fitness as we grow older?  How do we keep playing?  I love this quote from the movie Tag

“We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.” 
I grew up loving to play sport and was thankful to have the opportunity to continue to do that through five years of college.  Now as an adult I have enjoyed finding ways to still play with others!  I love group activities for that external accountability to show up and do something together.

We have found awesome opportunities over the years to play including 5ks, dodgeball events, and most recently rucking!  
Community Dodgeball Tournament
Did you grow up playing sports?  

Solo or Group Fitness?

Superhero Themed 5k With FriendsMy husband and I are both pretty competitive, so you can see how we ended up on this dodgeball squad above (actually it was for charity to throw things at friends, so of course we were in).  

Even when I have joined alone in events like local 5 or 10k events, it's always fun to be a part of something bigger than ourselves.  I did Crossfit once and so appreciated the community aspect of their program but honestly wasn't ready for the intensity of it, haha

I love to swim but haven't been consistent in lap swimming on my own.  It can be a challenge to do some types of training as well since I travel often for work.  I enjoy getting out to walk and enjoy finding safe places to do that when I am traveling.  Heck, that's just good adventuring, right?

Are you more of a group or solo activity person when it comes to fitness?

Sharing Inspiration

Run Your Tutu Off 5k WalkTo me, fitness for #RealLife is an excellent way to live my adventure life.  How I have fun, I am helping my body stay healthy, I hope to be around friends, and to inspire myself and others.  I am setting new goals, trying new things, and staying active every chance I get.

Have you tried ax throwing for instance?  Sorry bowling leagues, this is the new cool kids league to join!  

So whatever sports or fitness activities you find yourself drawn to I encourage you to be active and have so much fun playing while you do.

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  1. Great blog post! I LOVE skiing. It's the only thing that makes winter up north worth it. I also love hiking. I'm not much of a competitor, except with myself 🙂 Mostly it's just anything I can do while out in nature.

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