Natural Deodorant That Actually Works... #Seriously

Have you ever thought deodorant could be so good that it would be worthy of gifting at Christmas?  It's time to have your mind blown and finally fall in love with a natural deodorant.   
Get ready to learn my simple, natural protocols, and DIY (do-it-yourself) recipes that ACTUALLY work and you will love! (and you can download them all for free in one handy guide)

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Why The Natural Bandwagon?

When I teach classes on detoxing your lifestyle, the very first product I emphasize to ditch and switch in your home is your dryer sheets (get that info here).  And for your personal care products?  Believe it or not, it's your deodorant!  Why would that be?  Here is a quick breakdown of industry-standard ingredients:

Yikes!  So you can see why it's super important to get that yuck away from your lymphatic system.  Our solution to keep this yucky stuff far away is to make our own!  It's easy, saves us lots of money, and most importantly of all it works.  

Did you even know you had lymph nodes in your pits?!?  If you want to deep dive nerd out on lymphatic health including deodorant importance (and breast health ladies), check out this Boobies 101 lesson!

Maybe you have tried switching, be honest, how did it go?

What, there is a natural one that doesn't... suck?

Community Dodgeball TournamentYep, I said it.  Let's get just that right out of the way.  As a person who has used a heap of different brands, styles, and flavored pit concoctions, I can say with confidence many are terrible (yep, full Michael Scott sad face bad).  Or rather, maybe the experience switching from traditional to natural without a protocol to follow was terrible.  Either way, no one wants to be the stinky kid! #AmIRight?

So what are the tricks and secrets to success? I'll tell you.
Step 1, "let them prepare, and if necessary, detox!"

How and Why to Detox

'I tried to switch before Echo and I just ended up being too stinky'.  That is the top comment that I hear from people who tried to switch in the past.  What makes this full protocol so great is understanding the detoxification process, tackling it, and then moving into rockstar DIY recipes.

Before I unleash all of this awesomeness, two quick lessons learned to save you on your journey...

Wax, Fingers, and Armpits

Two things.  1) Ditch the wax, save it for your lip balm.  You will see in my notes why I don't recommend the beeswax magic for this DIY.  We will tackle that DIY when we make our own lip balm which is yummy!

2) Embrace your finger in your pit.  I know that might sound weird, but you will have a beautiful jar from which you will gather up some of this Unicorn Lymphatic Love (that is my name for it), and rub in.  It won't be weird long, you can do it ;)

Even if you haven't done many DIYs in the past, I promise you can handle these.  So have no fear, go for it!  If it's not quite right it's easy to tweak in the next batch.  Seriously, don't sweat it! (see what I did there?) 

Okay, now what are these magical recipes and protocols?  Keep reading for one fantastic free download with all the goods!

The Gift That Keeps on Giving

As promised, here it is in a one-stop-shopping gift for your downloading pleasure!  #Boom 

Complete with matching sticker printables to fully embrace your inner unicorn!  #YouAreLoved

Are you an avid DIY person or just getting started?  Comment and tell me below!

Disclosure: This free download contains affiliate links to a few select products I use, enjoy, or recommend. 

I may receive a small commission for purchases made through these links, and your purchase supports companies and products I believe in.  Isn’t that rad?!?  I can show you how to do the same, contact me! ;)

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