Foodie Adventures Series

Does anyone else love foodie adventures?  
There is something so fun about exploring new places, trying new flavors, and taking advantage of eating out to embrace new food experiences.

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The Flavors of the Land

Community Dodgeball TournamentWhen in Rome right? Of course, I love adventures (I have an entire blog series for those too), and often when traveling, it works out well to eat out.  

Don't get me wrong, I pack my own meals and bring snacks to make sure I stay on track with my health goals, but I also take advantage of trying new things while I am on the road.

Do you pack food for trips, buy it on the way, or a combination of both?  

Food, Drinks, Adventure!

Superhero Themed 5k With FriendsMy husband and I joke that we are bad alcoholics! hahaha  What we mean is that in our home liquor cabinet, we have some things that have been in there for years.  What we are better at doing is socially drinking when we are out and have a designated driver to make sure we make it home safely.

When I travel alone, I am likely to be seeking out the kombucha bubbly or some good chia beverage.

What are your go-to drinks if you are wanting something fun or different?

Branching Out

Run Your Tutu Off 5k WalkI love to search out online what the best local flavors are and what dish might be the thing to try.  How Generally, sites like Yelp, Google Maps, and TripAdvisor have good 'top' local recommendations.  I will search for terms like "top restaurant in (TOWN NAME)" and find the local food scene in no time!   

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