Natural Hairspray - The Easiest DIY!

Who doesn't love simple and perfect homemade recipes? 
I can't wait to share my recipe and tips for making your own hairspray! #ItWorksGreat

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Ditch the Yuck

I grew up in the Aqua Net era, so I know the value that society places on hairspray and making sure you lock in your perfect hair style for the whole day!  

Many people use hairspray daily (men and women), but may not realize many of ingredients in the most common hairspray products have been linked to things like skin irritation, respiratory issues, abdominal pain, blurred vision and other things, according to a report from Mount Sinai Health System.  #Yikes

So let's get right to it and just ditch all of that and make your own with literally two ingredients!

Easy Peasy Recipe

This recipe is so simple and you only need three things total.  You can reuse an old hairspray bottle that you have rinsed out or grab a new one.  Since a little goes a long ways, I tend to make up batches in 2-4 oz bottles.  In our house, we also love to add essential oils for additional health benefits and amazing smells, so opt for dark glass bottles.  

Here we go!


NOTE: Find an aloe vera that is more liquid than solid, there are lots of great options online if you don't find one locally.  No artificial colors or other ingredients either!


  • Fill your bottle about 1/2 way with water and add in a big squeeze of the aloe.  
  • Put the sprayer lid on and shake vigorously to mix, then test on a piece of hair.
  • Continue adding aloe and water into the bottle and mixing/testing until the desired hold strength is reached!  
It's just that easy friends!

PRO TIP: Use Mermaid Hair Spray after washing your hair to support your roots and scalp before styling.

Free recipe print out version: Natural Hairspray_DIY Recipe.pdf

What DIY recipe would you like to see next to save money and ditch toxic ingredients?

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