Moving Adventures Series

Have you moved many times in your life?  Where are you on the 'lived in the same state my entire life' or 'I'm practically a nomad' scale?  
Between my husband James and I combined, we have moved forty-six times. 46!  Wow, that seems like such a crazy high number considering we weren't in the military or moving for work. 

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Excitement or Fear, Both?

I feel like when I speak about moving it brings up a mixed bag of emotions for people. What emotion stirs for you?  The funny thing I learned many years ago about emotions on opposite sides of the wheel is that they share the same physical responses.  

Think about fear, what responses does your body display?  You might feel your stomach might tighten or turn, a sweaty feeling may come over you, maybe your heart begins to race?  Now think about excitement.  What are some responses that you can encounter?  Butterflies in your stomach, sweaty palms, an increased pulse?  Isn't that funny!

So is the difference in our perspective on the situation?

So Simple, Yet So Life-Changing in Every Way

Superhero Themed 5k With Friends
There can be so many reasons people move!  I know that James and I have encountered both positive and negative promptings for sure.  A bad roommate or a family situation, even a death.  The loss of a job or business.  As small business owners, we hit that one head-on in 2020 and shared our story about it here.

What about the life-changing opportunities that may only come through a move?  For us, our most recent move felt like a beauty from ashes story.  A phoenix rising from the fire if you will.  A chapter that closed feeling like it was at a place of trauma, collapse, and ruin, and that God surely was redeeming it for freedom, peace, and new callings.

The emotions that we experienced ranged from a place of crying into scrambled eggs as a daily reality to a fantasy come true ending that God painted.  That is why we call it The Great Adventure (THAT BLOG SERIES IS COMING SOON)!

Hopefully, this has gotten you reflecting on moves in your life, or for your family.  I now invite you to read God's Love Letter, the next in the Moving Adventures blog!

What tales do you have to tell from moving adventures?

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