My Modern-World Home Office Meets Rural American Homesteading

Has your work moved to some version of a remote or home office?  
I have had pretty flexible working environments over the years as I have traveled as a consultant.  Combinations of work in a corporate office, in the airport, from my home or hotel, and wherever else my laptop and I found myself.

Co-Worker Woes

What comes to mind when you hear “office co-worker woes?”  This might conjure up a memory from your work experiences in a corporate office.   Have you ever encountered a loud officemate somewhere that you have worked from?  Or have you ever worked nearby someone in an office who:

  • seems to go on and on
  • who you can hear over your calls some days
  • that just seems to always be talking or walking around
  • who makes you wonder ‘does he get any work done?!?’
I thought in a fully remote, work-from-home position, these loud office disruptions were long in my past!   I don’t have any children and my indoor housecats are very relaxed.  We recently got a new dog, but he doesn't bark much thankfully.  

Well, it turns out that I was in for a surprise as I now work from a rural homestead in the countryside of southwest Missouri when this guy took up working outside my office window:

In most cases, it turns out that he is working very hard when he is the loudest.  And no, that isn't first thing in the morning waking us up.  He serves as a protector to the flock of hens and is on constant watch alerting them of danger on the ground or from the sky.  When the hens are done laying eggs, they call out to him from the coop and he responds to let her know where he and the rest of the flock are so she can navigate to them safely.

So how did we come to work together unexpectedly one day?

Co-Working With The Rooster

One day I got to unexpectedly collaborate on work with the rooster.  Say what?!?  As I sat at my home office desk, I heard him scream as loud as ever in what sounded like far more panic than his normal crow.  As I quickly looked out the window, I saw the cause for his alarm standing the grass having just emerged from the tree line… a coyote standing there in broad daylight seeking out where to attack the free-ranging chickens nearby!

I took off running out the door (mind you in my house slippers) and was fortunate that the coyote was quickly spooked to run away.  The rooster chased after him towards the trees while I frantically gathered the hens and got them herded back into the coop for safety.  Whew! We did it!  Everyone was saved and safe back in their shelter.

While he might be loud, I have learned that the rooster is also an important member of our homestead, and for that, I will tolerate him being my loudest officemate.

'Home Office' Tour

Okay, now to the fun part and my home office tour video that I put together! 

#YesThatWasARoosterYouHeardInTheBackGroundOfTheWebex #Sorry


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