Adventures as First Time Home Buyers

Have you ever purchased a home?  After you get through the rollercoaster process, what was on the other side surprised me!   
I'm excited to share some of my most unexpected joys in our new home and to learn about what some of yours were.

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Childhood Commercials Coming True

It's been so funny to me what things James and I have found joy in after purchasing our first home and land.  What we get the most excited about, and yes, some of them you might just laugh at.  

For instance a nicely mowed lawn!  We have a push mower and mow between .5 and 1 acre of grass with it, so it's a sure way to get in your 10-20k daily steps.  Check out my past beautiful Strava map patterns I've drawn as a human Etch A Sketch while mowing.

Apparently there must have been a lot of a good pride in home ownership commercials that resonated around lawn care that James and I watched growing up, because it sure does feel amazing when we get ours all done and we look out across the land and see it nicely manicured.  We finally can relate to all of those messages we were sent on the TV:

Who knew that emotional satisfaction could be found at my local Snapper dealer?! haha

Adulting Beer Fridge

I didn't realize just how much it would feel like successful #adulting to have a dedicate beer and beverages fridge in the garage.  Wow!  We've got an ice cold drink for the next time you visit or come over to help with a homesteading project, just ask.

A double-bonus for me was that for YEARS I had been collecting magnets from my travel adventures and needed a place for them.  They were fun, but too cluttered for the kitchen.  So they found their perfect home on the beer fridge:

What have been some of our other projects that have been bringing us satisfaction and a feeling of accomplishment?  Keep reading, I've got more!


We were thankful to have purchased a first home that didn't need immediate remodel or updating, but had some smaller opportunities for improvement.

I've shared about gardening and homesteading adventures happening at Freedom Ridge Farm MO, and now I can share another fruit of our labor.  Our first stocked basement "root cellar" with some of our very own home grown and canned foods!

James has been doing great in building things like the raised beds and fencing for the garden, and all of our chicken infrastructure for mobile tractors for the meat birds and a new hen palace for the egg layers.

Now that it's a bit colder, he's tackling improvements indoors such as this beautiful new dining room chandelier.  Look at that beautiful light reflection pattern on the ceiling, I love it!

Don't ever worry as your home is in transition.  Our dining room table above needs re-upholstered chairs and a table cloth that isn't plastic, but here we are still living life the the fullest!  #RealLife

What were some of the things you loved or were surprised by as a new home owner? 
Comment and tell us below!

Information courtesy of Echo Alexzander


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