Guest Blog with "My Guide to Globetrotting on A Budget" Author Andrea Clemons

Do you dream of traveling the globe but don't know how to pay for it all? The wait is over to find the answer to this conundrum and to get yourself started on bigger (and cheaper) adventures than ever before!   
Get ready to learn about the ins and outs of dream vacation travel hacks on budget with our guest and fellow adventurer, Andrea Clemons the author of the book, My Guide to Globetrotting on a Budget.

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I am so excited to feature another amazing guest, one who is the queen of travel hacks and taking the vacation of your dreams!  Sounds like an adventure to me.  Further, I wanted to share her resource because of how she teaches about "champagne taste on a beer budget."  Even as a Chief Adventure Officer, I will never teach to this level of detail that Andrea shares in her book.  She has mastered the art of points, miles, and bonuses and is here to make sure that we can use her travel hacking information to ensure we "don't go and not swim with the sharks."  Grab your book below and you'll learn just what I am talking about!

In my years of travel, especially over the last seven, I have been incredibly lucky to have it paid for by my employers.  Read more about how to make that a reality in my last guest blog with author Rhiannon Payne who wrote The Remote Work Era: The Guide for Women To Go Remote & Thrive In the New Age of Work.

While I was on assignment as a traveling consultant, I could take my rental car with unlimited and adventure around the area, enjoy the sites, and take in the local flavors.  Heck, when I worked in Maine (I've linked to the adventures throughout this paragraph for you to enjoy) I did entire road trips through the New England states on long weekends.  How about Boston and New York City, why not?  Want some Connecticut pizza, okay!  We would joke on Monday to see how many miles I had put on the rental car and see if I had hit more states on a weekend than some people have traveled to in their entire lives!

Now, let's all together get to learning how to plan dream vacations (not just paid work trip excursions) shall we?

Tell Us About Globetrotting on a Budget!

You know that here at Adventures for #RealLife we want to help everyone with travel and seeing the world without having to be an influencer or blogger.  A great thing to do for all of your life adventures are hacks, life hacks, travel hacks, you name it!  We have taught on life hacks like our favorite DIYs, now it's time for travel hacks from a pro.

Andrea has spent the last several years with a travel hacking hobby.  Years later, she is now sharing everything she has learned with us so that we can take that dream vacation just as she has!  Let her help you take that vacation of your dreams and take traveling on a budget to the extreme.
I'm a hardcopy girl myself, so I grabbed this one, but you can also enjoy it on e-book here!
While I wait for my book to come in the mail, let's check out some specific examples of this magic in action!

Just How Good Can It Be?

How about getting 7 nights in a Marriott hotel and main cabin flights on American for 2 people for a total cost of $30.32?!?


Want to Travel Along with Andrea?

"Gazing at the Northern lights, swimming with whale sharks in Mexico, snow-skiing the European Alps, scuba diving with manta rays, hiking to black/white/green sand beaches, and snorkeling with sea turtles, dolphins, and sharks.  These are just a few of the amazing adventures I have had in my short life.  Many of them would have been impossible if I had paid for them on my yearly salary.  Do you dream of adventure?  Or of experiencing first-class flights and luxury hotels?  It's not out of your reach.  These are all things I have managed to accomplish." 
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