MO to WI Epic Road Trip - Part 5: Baraboo & Devil's Lake State Park

Bara-who? Baraboo, Wisconsin!  
What do hiking, the circus, and tasty local craft-brewed beer have in common?  You can get your fill of each in Baraboo.

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Devil's Lake State Park
"Situated along the Ice Age National Scenic Trail, "Devil's Lake State Park offers magnificent views from 500-foot quartzite bluffs overlooking a 360-acre lake. Visitors enjoy nearly 30 miles of hiking trails, lakeshore picnic areas, swimming beaches, paddling opportunities, and year-round naturalist programs."

Find out all about this great park and what you might most enjoy doing on your visit here.  Whether you decide to take a hike up to Elephant Rock from the East Bluff Trailhead or enjoy time in the lake at the North Beach, there is something for everyone.   If you like to see the site that an area is often best known for in pictures, then be sure to get up to Balanced Rock from the Devil's Doorway Loop trailhead.

This was my beautiful view from the North Shore Boat Landing:

I was on the hunt for my Ice Age National Scenic Trail stamp, so I headed over to the Visitors Center:

Since I was able to visit in the early fall, the weather was incredible and there was hardly anyone else there at the park after work.  On such a wonderfully warm day, it is hard to imagine that looking out from that same shoreline in the winter and you would be able to see ice fishing shanties.

If you missed Part 4 of this series and my experience on the Ice Ace Trail, check it out here.

With my NPS Passport Stamps obtained, now it was time to meet up with a friend for supper.

Chow Time

After a full day of hiking and enjoying the lake, you are sure to have worked up an appetite and will be ready for tasty food and drinks.  I highly recommend going to Tumbled Rock Brewery & Kitchen which is just down the way one mile from the Devil's Lake State Park Visitors Center.

They have an incredible food selection from lamb to bison, shrimp to fresh-baked sourdough bread.  And it wouldn't be a brewery visit without a sampler flight of five for those of age who enjoy craft beer.

Will you have more time to explore?  Keep reading to learn what adventures await in town!

City of Baraboo

Baraboo most certainly has the small-town feel and a rich history that might surprise you!  If you are planning a visit their webpage has videos and resources to help to take advantage of what they have to offer.

Did you know that this was the home of the Ringling Brothers Circus?  Now you can go and visit 
Circus World Museum, stay in the Ringling House Bed & Breakfast, the International Clown Hall of Fame, and more!

If you will be nearby in June, don't miss the Big Top Parade.  Click the image here for a full list of 20 Best Things to Do!

Be Country Again

As I drove back to Verona to my hotel through the beautiful countryside I heard the perfect song for coming home after this adventure, Country Again by Thomas Rhett.  I echo his sentiment as I travel the backroads and small towns of America: "I thought, "Man, it feels good to be country again."

That's not all I have from south-central Wisconsin, join me next for Part 6 of this travel series, One Night in Paoli!

Have you ever visited, live in, or explored Wisconsin?

Information courtesy of Echo Alexzander


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